The optomap takes images of the inside of your eyes which allows the Doctor to find changes that may affect your vision. Doctor Grigg
really recommends that you get an optomap yearly because it can detect hidden eye diseases like glaucoma or macular degeneration.

Added benefits

  • The images will become a part of your permanent record so that they can be compared from year to year to ensure there are no changes, or that small changes are caught early.
  • It can also detect conditions such as retinal detachments, tumors, diabetes, and more.

Dr. Grigg highly recommends that his patients have this exam once per year. As long as the doctor doesn’t find any conditions that they need to further inspect with dilation, the optomap often replaces dilation.

Many eye disorders do not cause pain or other symptoms. If detected early enough, many retinal problems can be treated to avoid vision loss. However, once a retinal problem has caused a loss in vision, it is almost never reversible. Early detection is vital to preserving good eye health.